Trailer Loan

Trailer Loan

TTC are happy to assist other sporting clubs in the region with access to the club triathlon trailer.

Due to the cost of registering and maintaining the trailer as well as replacing missing items, TTC will now be charging $100 per use of the trailer and will be requiring a $200 deposit (completely refundable on return of the stocked and clean trailer).

For enquiries on trailer use, please contact us on


Conditions of use

The Townsville Triathlon Club is a small, local community sporting group funded only by its members and the club events it runs. We are happy to continue to support other groups by making the trailer accessible for use.

In previous years the trailer has been used by a wide variety of other sporting clubs and events. The trailer requires registration, ongoing maintenance and regular restocking – the cost of which is borne largely from club membership.

Unfortunately the trailer has been returned on several occasions in a poor condition e.g. full of sand and rubbish, items missing and with a flat tyre.

We have implemented a hire policy whereby users are required to return the trailer in the condition it was loaned to recoup their deposit. All we ask is that you treat the trailer and the gear as you would your own – return all list items, ensure gear is cleaned before return and that you report any damage to gear so it can be fixed.

Thanks for your understanding,

Townsville Tri Club committee

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