Saunders Beach Tri – competitor info

Important Competitor Information for Saunders Beach

Townsville Tri Club hope you are all looking forward to the race on Sunday. We certainly are!

It is necessary for all competitors or guardians to read the entirety of this email to ensure they are aware of important information relative to Saunders Beach Triathlon.


If you are in a team please forward this email to your team members.

SB tri P1030651 - thumbnailIMPORTANT TIMES

Transition opens: 7:00am
Transition closes: 7:45am
Competitor numbering: 6:30–7:40am
Timing chip and Race pack collection: 6:30–7:30am
Race brief (all competitors): 7:45am COMPULSORY
WALK beach to start: 7:55am
START Long course: 8:00am
START Short course: 8:20am

Presentation & random draws:  1:00pm Longboard, The Strand, Townsville
NB: transition will not be opened until Technical Officials deem it safe to do so.

NB: Anyone who provided a TA number MUST bring in TA membership card or receipt of membership otherwise they will be required to pay one day insurance fee.

There will be no parking allowed on Reef St. Please park on roads off the bike leg (see maps). The Saunders Beach Community Centre which is on your left as you come down the main road has allowed us to use their carpark: Cnr Saunders Beach and Boat Ramp Rds. It is within walking distance of transition, or alternatively you can drop your gear / athelete off and return to the carpark to leave your car.

There will be an area for bags however we strongly suggest not bringing anything of value to the race site if you are leaving your bag unattended. Bags will not be allowed to be left in transition area.

We have organised a BBQ – sausages and drinks. The Coffee Van – hot and cold drinks. Please bring along some money if you would like something to eat or drink!

Thank you for those who have volunteered. We ask all volunteers to be present at 7am. There will be a meeting at 7:15 for all volunteers. We could still do with more volunteers if anyone knows anyone!

You are expected to familiarise yourself with the race course prior to race day.
Please visit our website for the maps. CLICK HERE

All competitors should be familiar with Triathlon Australia Race Rules prior to Sunday. Please CLICK HERE for access to full set of race rules.

Timing chips will be provided to all competitors (one per team). Fees will be charged to competitors for lost timing bands/chips. Please secure properly before competing and return to the designated timing box at the finish line. Thank you.

Some important points to remember:

1.     No fins, paddles or flotation devices life jackets may be worn in the river.
2.     Wetsuits may be worn if race director advises
3.     Swim caps must be worn

1.   All bikes must be in roadworthy condition.
2.   All competitors will be required to wear a bike helmet throughout the bike race.
3.   Pumps and other items not required in the race must be removed from transition.
4.   Drafting of other bicycles or any other vehicle is prohibited. A space of four bike lengths must be left between riders at all times. Draft Busters may be operating.
5.   Competitors must abide by all road laws , and directions of police and traffic controllers.
6.   Torso must be covered and shoes worn.
7.   Adhere to mount and dis-mount lines rules.

8.   Stickers provided must be placed on bike and helmet

1.     No form of locomotion other than running or walking is allowed
2.     No individual support vehicles or escort runners allowed.
3.     Runners must follow the directions of ALL course Marshalls or officials.
4.     Torso must be covered and shoes worn.

SB tri P1030470- thumbnailTRANSITION AREA
1.     Helmets must be fastened at ALL times the bike is unracked.
2.     Bikes must be walked through the transition area and past the timers/timing mat.
3.     Do not throw goggles, running and cycling gear during transition. Leave all gear in designated area at bike rack so it does not cause a trip hazard to other competitors.
4.    After race – your bike is to remain in transition until advised by an official

1.     Race referees have the authority to disqualify any competitor.
2.     Medical staff may remove a competitor from the race if judged to be physically incapable of continuing without risk of serious injury.
3.     Good sportsman like conduct is demanded of all competitors.
4.     If you withdraw from the race please notify a race Marshall or official.

1.     Drink plenty of fluid before and during the event.
2.     Obey road laws, marshals and all instructions on this form.
3.     Competitors acknowledge that participation in the event comes with its potential hazards.
4.     As this is not an event for the casual jogger, swimmer or cyclist it is recommended that all competitors have trained sufficiently for the event and have obtained a thorough medical examination, prior to competition.


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